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Our cooperation is specialized in inland shipping to and from France.

A greater part of the 8500 kilometers long French waterways is designed for 'spitses'. This means that the sizes of the locks and canals are based on this type of vessel, of 38 meters length and a width of 5 meter, with a cargo capacity of 350 to 400 tons.

The ELV has 70 own vessels of this standardized type at it's disposal, and therefore access to all inland ports of France, right down to the Mediterranean. Half of all Dutch vessels of this type are adhering to the ELV. Depending on the local depth of the fairway and the volume of the cargo, these ships usually transport lots varying from 250 to 350 tons.

The rivers and canals connecting Belgium and the surroundings of Paris are also accessible for 'canal du Nord vessels' and 'extended spitses'. These so-called extended spitses have a length of 42 to 50 metres, and a loading capacity varying from 400 tot 500 tons. So-called Canal du Nord vessels are 55 to 72 metres long and 5,75 metes wide, offering a transport capacity of 550 tot 900 tons. About 40 vessels of these sizes, specialized in transports to and from the Nord - Pas-de-Calais and Ile-de-France Regions, are part of the ELV. This number represents a majority of all Dutch vessels of these types.

spits in het canal de Bourgogne
binnenvaart in hartje Parijs
spits en canaldunordschip in het canal du Nord

The Scheldt and Mosel basins are apt to vessels of over 1000 tons. Our partner NPRC is specialized in transport to and from these areas.

So all 'fluvial' destinations in France are directly accessible to us.

Moreover, the ELV is one of the few companies in this market sector taking care of initial and terminal road haulage as well. So even if A and B are not situated on a waterway, ELV and NPRC can organize and carry out your entire transport. By making use of combined transport, the ELV is able to some interesting services to destinations and countries not directly accessible by our waterways such as Spain and Italy.

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